Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Greatly Usefull Websites !!!

This site has answers to almost all the problems u can think of... from how to 'Moonwalk like MJ' to 'how to tie ur tie n laces'.
Try it on!!!!

Using This site,u can customize ur photos whatever way u like, create photoframes, custom backgrounds, or create custom templates

A web presence is necessary for many bussinesses.Its like an identity.But thats not enough, You should have ideas to make your website stand unique...
Webdesign.org teaches u all the theoretical n practical aspects of an effective n interactive website....

This site has a complete catalogue of the world's famous hoaxes n april fool..Read some, this kindoff stuff is listened to very intently in a group while chit chattin, try for urself

On This website u can read and download all Indian Magazines for free...

This site has answers to almost all ur website building queries..from how to build a website, to how to make it even more secure...

This site brings all the strange question n answers at ur fingertips, like What does OK stand for??? What is a MOJO....

A collection of resources for fonts, templates, clip art and more. Includes desktop publishing forums and application reviews. This site all u will need for desktop publishing..Alll the links to other sites are useful as well...

This can proove a very entertainig website.I visit this site quite often. An internet guide to paranormal phenomena, with feature articles, website guides,n other links. Topics covered include automatic writing, cryptozoology, ghosts & spirits, human mysteries, and more.

Go to this comprehensive yet concise site for explanations and examples of common false arguments. Navigate by category and follow links between connected fallacies. Includes a translation of Latin terms for fallacies into English. Learn the definition of a logical fallacy.

This is a very useful website which directly calculates the coordinates and distance between most international cities. Displays a simple map of the results.

This site will be useful at times when u have nothin to do, n thinking what to do.
This is a good site with lots of online games, jigsaw puzzles,tic-tac-toe,sudoku and many others. Enter 'musicmania' to entertain you, n also teach you stuff like how to play music on your cell phone..A joke section, bad date stories,n much more, just go n see for urself!!!!

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So you wanna save some money??? Wanna some beauty tips??? Buy apartments??? Leanrn to pla mah-jongg??? Buy a laptop..?
This site teachs you anything and everything they dont teach at school

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