Monday, April 18, 2011

Tricks to get on Facebook from school or work


Just like many other huge Social Networking web sites (MySpace, Hi5, Bebo etc), Facebook is blocked at most colleges and workplaces. These authorities try to keep you on task by eliminating the option to get on such web sites. To get past their “blocks” and access Facebook at school or work you will need to use a free proxy. By using a web proxy you are able to still view the website even though they have it blocked. Most proxies are quite straightforward to use, so the most time consuming task will be to find a proxy web site which wasn’t already blocked by your school or workplace. Follow these instructions below to learn how to do this:

1. Get on one of the proxy sites listed in this free proxy list or alternatively search in one of these other proxy lists.

2. Now by typing in you should be to able to surf Facebook and the entire web anonymously.

What if a free proxy is blocked?

Here’s a new way to overcome Facebook blockage at school or workplace: a Facebook application that allows you to identify proxy web pages that will help you to unblock Facebook at school.

Many readers wrote us that they are able to get on Facebook using the "https" protocol and without using a web proxy. For what it worth, you might want to try this method as well. You can find the details on this post.

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