Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tip to Increase Your Broadband Speed !!

Although more and more people are getting super-fast broadband connections now, it's actually a very big problem that people have - in that their Internet seems to run slow no matter what. This is a problem that can have several causes, and there are actually several easy tricks you can use to fix the issue:

Step 1 - Close Programs That Constantly Use Internet Bandwidth - Programs such AIM, Skype and MSN are constantly using the Internet to connect to chat servers to get your buddy lists and information. This might seem harmless enough, but these programs are silently sucking your Internet connection dry. If you have them open constantly and your Internet is running slow, try closing them down.

Step 2 - Limit The Amount Of Web Pages You Have Open - Having 30 different web pages open is a big way to make your Internet connection run slowly. What happens in most Internet browsers is that many web pages are refreshed every few minutes, meaning that if you have many of them open, it will just make your connection run slower. Try limiting your browsing to just a few web page windows to ensure you don't suck up all your Internet with pointless browser Windows.

Step 3 - Stay Off Email Programs - Email programs like Outlook and Thunder bird are notorious for making your Internet run slower. This is a big problem because they not only keep checking to see if you have any more emails, but they can also download a lot of data as well. You should limit the amount of time you spend on these programs because they tend to slow your Internet right down.

Step 4 - Monitor Network PC Activity - Having a network is a good way to get more than one PC onto the Internet... but if your connection is running slow, it could be because one of your other computers is "hogging" all the bandwidth. You should keep a constant check to see if anyone is downloading any large files, watching online videos or playing games. If they are, then that will be the likely cause of your Internet running slow.

Step 5 - Clean Out The Registry - The registry is a database which keeps the settings of your PC stored, but it's also a cause of your Internet running slowly as well. The problem is that whenever you use your computer, it needs to open up settings which tell it how to get onto the Internet (such as which ports to use, etc). Unfortunately, many of those settings become damaged and unreadable, making your computer slow to process any web page you visit. You can fix this very easily by using a 'registry cleaner' to scan through these Internet settings and fix any of the damaged ones that might be causing your Internet to run slowly.

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