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Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

Having a lean and trim body is the dream of many. Yet a majority of them are affected by obesity, one of the greatest health problems of the era. Losing weight therefore is a necessity but one has to be careful about losing weight fast, but following the healthy way without inviting unwarranted health hazards.

Obesity is considered to be a curse by many. This is one feature that completely destroys your dream of having a lean and trim body. Accumulation of extra fat around the waist and other parts of the body makes one overweight. To get out of such state people often resort to multiple ways of losing weight. However in their enthusiasm in losing weight, they invite unwarranted health hazards. Such hazards are often the consequences of wrong dieting and workouts. Above all; they fail in their prime objective of losing weight.

Reasons for People Failing to Lose Weight

Popular belief associates losing weight with laziness, food addiction, lack of exercise and several such reasons.

Contrary to such belief the reason lies elsewhere. One should properly appreciate the difference between being heavy weight and overweight. A muscular body with six abs weighing 200 pounds may not be considered overweight while an unshapely body with loose muscles weighing half the weight could be considered overweight.

Major reasons for failure in losing weight are- Taking to a balanced diet but not sticking to it after losing considerable weight. Result is gaining back the lost weight. Failure to change the life style causes people gain unwanted fat and weight.

Misleading facts and commercial ads meant to promote products not having the qualities they boast of result in people resorting to wrong items for weight loss. These include foods, supplements, drugs, as well as equipments.

Failure to appreciate the calorie intake and consumption that could balance the fat contents in the body. Neither gaining nor losing too much fat would be good. Skinny body is as bad as obesity.

Weight Loss Plan need not be Painful

One of the essential aspects for healthy weight loss is losing calories in a painless manner. People are often apprehensive that weight loss could be extremely painful and strenuous. In fact weight loss could be as easy as cutting a meatball here or an egg roll there. Losing a pound a month of fat is possible by cutting around 100 calories a day. One pound of fat will equal nearly 3,500 calories and losing around hundred calories a day could achieve the goal. A little change your life style will suffice for the purpose without going for big diet restrictions or very strenuous workouts.

Some Painless Methods of Fat Loss

If one could observe the following methods, he or she could lose weight rather painlessly.

- Reducing the food components like butter, milk, and other fat containing components by around 30% to 50% of your original diets;

- Compensating the lost quantity of such food with items containing fibers;

- Increasing the intake of water and other liquids but not things like cold drinks or other artificial liquids;

- Resorting to easy workouts like walking or a few free hand exercises without straining the body too much or at short intervals;

- Maintaining the changed life style for all times to come instead of resorting to and going out of such life style every now and then.

Losing Weight Requires Effort

While it is possible losing weight the painless way, it does not mean that you do not have to pay for it. You will be able to lose weight after resorting to balanced diet and organized workouts but once you get back to your past life style, it would be great frustration seeing all the lost weight come back again. That is why it requires a lot of effort, not to indulge into strenuous workouts of fad diets but to maintain the disciplined life style that helped you lose weight considerably. It is well said that remaining at the top is more difficult than reaching it.

Failure is the Pillar of Success

In any case, never allow failure to deter you. Once you have taken to the combination of balanced diet, reasonably good workout and disciplined life, success is bound to come in terms of losing weight. True, the initial results may not be as fast as you expected them to be but the ultimate success will be yours. Always remember that there is no substitute for plain hard work. Exceptionally well built figures you see on the ad posters are not built in a day. They are all results of years of dieting and disciplined life. Losing weight requires preparation, efforts as well as commitment.

Exercise Melts Body Fat

Many people carry the wrong notion that just decreasing their diet can reduce fat and weight. In fact it is required to focus on increasing the amount of exercises rather than decreasing the food intake. Fat accumulation has significant relationship with physical activity. Generally walking, taking the stairs instead of elevator, sitting up instead of lying down and using some excitements can considerably reduce body fat by burning enough calories in the process. In fact even half hour workout will burn fewer calories than minute-to-minute movement in office or home.

Benefit of Walking

When it comes to exercising without pain, there could be no substitute to simple walking. Again it is important remembering that it is not speed but the time that is the essence. Waling at moderate pace strengthens the bones, controls the weight, and tones up the leg muscle. Best benefit of walking as exercise is that it improves positive self assurance in the performer.


Millions of Americans aspire to lose weight and for this purpose they spend billions of dollars on diet programs and products. Yet many of them regain the lost weight after a few years. Sadly enough many of them fell prey to unsavory commercial promotional campaigns where products or equipments claims to work miracles in burning fat while in truth they perform no such thing. Important thing to remember is that simple dieting cannot help reduce weight. Exercise is fundamental for fat loss. Forgetting this simple equation has cost many weight loss aspirants quite dearly.


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